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Our loyal friends and helpless servants.

BURNING MAN >> www.burningman.com >> If you come back the same, you missed the whole point...

BURNINGMAN VANCOUVER >> escape.to/burningman >> Vancouver burner community info.

LUXOTICA>> www.luxotica.com >> For all your firespinning needs - gear, knowledge, community...

MISS ELLANEOUS >> pbase.com/misc >> Say it five times fast...

MOTORGIRL>> www.motorgirl.com >> Fireweed es la chica muy fabuloso!

BLUE CHROME DRAGON>> bluechromedragon.tripod.com >> Tookie's art.

BANANA BERRY BATIK>> www.bananaberrybatik.com >> Sassypant's art - batik art and clothing.

DHARMA TRADING >> www.dharmatrading.com >> Crafty supplies mail order from SF...

MAIWA>> www.maiwa.com/catalogue.html >> Crafty supplies on-line or in Vancouver BC

BURNINGCAM >> www.burningcam.com >> The dust-covered eye in the sky.

SANTARCHY>>www.santarchy.com >> The red suit of (drunken) courage.

SUPERBAD >>www.superbad.com >> Waste a few hours...

HOMESTARRUNNER >>www.homestarrunner.com >> Waste a few more hours...

TORRID>> www.torrid.com >> Clothes for today's urban deviant.

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