Fireweed and Gus

Alicks and Tookie

Sassypants spinning

Sue, Denise, Chris

Kat is Mother Earth

Olivia lit

Astrid, Kurt, and ?

kat baking a pie

Ex-Smoker and Max!

Denise and Shimmy

Shimmy's tattoo

Jane and June

Betsy playing with ducttape


(non)smoker and assy


Worhol Thomspon

Alicks and June

Poppy, Gaynor, Hunter, Betsy, Shimmy

Naughty Cowgrrls are back


Oh Canada!

Gaynor and Dad

Bride and Bride

Babes and Poppy & Gaynor's big day

Babes at Betsy's big day

Assy, Gaynor, (non)Smoker

Tookie, Shimmy, Gaynor, Floozy

Babes as wild women's weekend '02

Poppy and Gaynor

Craft time!

Babes around the fire

Babes doing crafts